Lewis' artwork and more.

Lewis' paintings are well known to followers of his journey and many Team Lewis fans have been waiting patiently for prints to become available via his charity. The paintings have been  professionally scanned and printed on to A4 sized high quality vellum.


Sunset Lewis' 1st painting

Lewis created this watercolour during his first art therapy session in hospital in July 2017.



Waterfall Lewis' 2nd painting

Not quite believing that Lewis had painted the sunset largely by himself, artistically challenged Dad, Adam, watched with surprise and pride as the Waterfall took shape.



Tractor Lewis' 3rd painting

Lewis had wanted to paint a tractor for a while but illness kept getting in the way of art therapy. He finally put brush to paper to create this 10 days before he passed away.


These prints are available for a minimum donation of £20 each. Add £2 P&P per order if you require them posting to you. Online payment is available via the Paypal Donate button below and cheques are also welcome, payable to Team Lewis Trust to the address at the bottom of the page. Please state which print(s) you would like and your address if posting.


Other Team Lewis Trust branded items available soon!